Boston University School of Theatre
The Hot House
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Tim Spears
February 19-21, 2016

The professionalism and even sanity of the institution’s director, Roote, are undermined by his subordinates: the efficient and ambitious Gibbs, the aptly named alcoholic Lush, and Miss Cutts, Roote’s calculating and shrewd mistress who is also involved with Gibbs. After the reported murder of one patient and the rape and resulting pregnancy of another, Roote orders Gibbs to find the perpetrator(s), who it appears is Roote himself, and Gibbs supplants his boss as administrator of the corrupt “rest home”, whose inmates converge upon the staff, resulting in mayhem. This was my MFA Thesis production.


Connor Proft, Gibbs
Ben Salus, Roote
Aristo Ambatstadis, Lush
Tessa Kramer, Miss Cutts
Ian Wallace, Lamb
Keira Muckenhirn, Tubb
Mackenzie Cala, Lobb

Artistic Team

Harold Pinter, Playwright
Tim Spears, Director
Alanna McNaughton, Assistant Director
Baron Pugh, Scenic Design
Gifford Williams, Lighting Design
Aubrey Dube, Sound Design
Phoebe Ping, Costume Design