Boston University School of Theatre
What the Butler Saw
by Joe Orton
Directed by David Gram

The chase is on in this breakneck comedy of licensed insanity, from the moment when Dr Prentice, a psychoanalyst interviewing a prospective secretary, instructs her to undress. The plot of What the Butler Saw contains enough twists and turns, mishaps and changes of fortune, coincidences and lunatic logic to furnish three or four conventional comedies. But however the six characters in search of a plot lose the thread of the action – their wits or their clothes – their verbal self-possession never deserts them.


Tim Spears, Dr. Prentice
Sally Hughes, Mrs. Prentice
Jessica Rothenberg, Geraldine Barclay
Chris Bannow, Dr. Rance
Alex Mandell, Nicholas Beckett
Jonah Bamel, Sergeant Match

Artistic Team

David Gram, Director